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How to Do SaaS Marketing
Kinga Edwards

How to Do SaaS Marketing in 2024

SaaS (Software as a Service) companies face unique challenges and opportunities in marketing their products. Understanding the nuances of SaaS marketing is crucial for these

Kinga Edwards

Curated SaaS Black Friday Deals 2023

Guess what? Black Friday isn’t just for snagging TVs and toasters! We’ve got a treat for all you tech lovers out there. Our list of

pr and content marketing
Kinga Edwards

Secret Strategies of Top Sales Strategists

A sales strategist is the lynchpin of a sales team. They provide direction, inspire confidence and foster collaboration across various functions within an organization, thus

Kinga Edwards

Email Marketing Strategy: Ultimate Guide

Looking for some email marketing tips for your welcome email? Want to send a personalized message about your online store? Seeking email clients where you

saas white paper
Kinga Edwards

SaaS White Paper: Best Practices

Wondering what makes a successful white paper for SaaS? You’ve come to the right place. White papers are an essential tool for businesses looking to

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