5 Top Skills Every Marketing Manager Needs to Have

In this ever-changing world of Digital Marketing, we need marketing managers to be up to date and accurately informed about the latest technologies. If marketing managers on our teams lack the advanced skills and knowledge of the top tools to use, how can we possibly harness the power that digital marketing truly provides for us? 

Every business needs to have a robust marketing team in order to stay competitive. And in order to have a good team, you need to hire a top-notch digital marketing manager. An absolute must for digital marketers is the capability to train a team, advance them, and keep them engaged despite the fact that they work remotely. This new era brings many pros but the challenges need to be addressed as well, in various types of resumes.

Nice-to-have marketing manager skills

There are many marketing manager skills that managers need to have. Let us now go through a few of them to get you and your team started: 


Design is super important because that’s what you use to tell your story. Your design needs to be clean, clear, professional, and intriguing. With the right design, you’ll attract the ideal crowd; you’ll start conversations and draw people in to learn more about what you have to offer

A key point on design is that it needs to be fitting in every way regardless of the device it’s viewed on. Marketing managers need to have high design competency in order to make their team is coming out with the most optimized look for their ideal customer persona. 

Social Media

Social Media is the bread and butter of any digital marketing brand. Marketing managers need to know how to create content and run ads that get the engagement that they are looking for on social media. 

There are many different reasons why content is not attracting as much attention as anticipated:

  • Lack of Consistency: marketing managers need to post content on social media on a consistent basis.
  • Format: listen to your followers’ feedback regarding what is most attractive. Look at your data to see which formats get the most engagement and focus on creating more of those.
  • Social media platforms: you have to know how to use a variety of social media platforms effectively. Not all social media platforms are created equal.

To help your team post efficiently and effectively, you need to brainstorm how to change up content, find new formats, and follow the rules on each platform.

First, select the best social media platforms for your brand and then select the best post formats to use. Then, use a tool like CoSchedule or Recurpost to plan out your entire content calendar for the month. It’s a great way to display all of your posts in one place. 

Marketing Automation

“I want to waste my time today,” said no company ever. 

So how can we avoid that? By utilizing marketing automation of course! 

Use software to automate those mundane and repetitive tasks that are eating up your marketing team’s time. That way, you can really harness your top talent and free up their time to do what they’re best at. 

Cut to the chase and see what it is that team members must work on and what automation can accomplish if you want to really get the most out of both your time and skillsets you have on your team. 


Who’s ready to see some growth in their company? Hop right on board! 

As a marketing manager, you need to keep track of a lot of information such as your client history and activity and your online presence. Since you don’t want your team members to be busy with data like this, you need to employ this all-important tool.  

Analytics allows you to see what customers, leads, and online engagement looks like — all really important information for your brands’ growth.


Leadership faces new challenges than ever before in this remote age. Cultivating a team-atmosphere and positive spirit is essential to keep up morale and camaraderie. Digital Marketing Managers absolutely must have leadership and team-leading qualities if you want them to grow your brand successfully. To stay organized, digital marketing managers should use a meeting note app during their marketing team meetings.

It’s all-too-common for team members to feel like just another cog in the wheel. It’s the manager’s job to change their perspective and remind them what they bring to the table as individuals through open communication and delegating skill-sensitive projects carefully.


In conclusion, what we talked about today includes just a few skills that are incredibly important to building your brand. As a digital marketing manager, you need to go out and learn the power that the digital age has to offer. If you want to be successful, knowledgeable, effective, and for your team to come out on top, you absolutely must learn the trade inside and out. 

Spend a week at a time going over the details of engaging design, excellent social media content, marketing automation, the all-important analytics, and flourishing leadership to see growth like you have never seen before.

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