Common SaaS content marketing mistakes

A lot of companies have been making mistakes with their SaaS content marketing. They might not be getting the results they want, and it’s because they’re using old-school methods that don’t work in today’s world. In this blog post, we’ll share the common mistakes made by businesses and how to avoid them so you can … Continued

Content Marketing Trends 2022: What Lies Ahead?

In content marketing, content is king. It’s a simple statement that can be interpreted in many ways. If you are a content marketer then this should come as no surprise to you; content has always been your lifeblood and the key to your success. The only difference is now there are more challenges ahead of … Continued

How to Create a Content Marketing Reporting Dashboard

Spreadsheets and presentations are a thing of the past. We mean, who wants to waste time on manual data entry? Luckily, you’re able to track your KPIs in a much more streamlined manner using different analytics and data visualization tools. Suppose you’re leading your content marketing team. In that case, a neat, organized content marketing … Continued

Sales Email Tracking [Guide for Beginners + 9 Email Tracking Tools]

Who hasn’t ever sent a ton of emails, then have waited ages and… nothing happened? Please cast the first stone. Uh, no stones heave in sight… Perhaps such a situation filled your mind with many doubts and triggered several questions, driving you into a corner.  Regrettably, it has happened to every salesperson, let alone non-professionals, … Continued

Best SaaS marketing methods in 2021

It’s much better to learn from professionals and practitioners than to rely on theory alone. That’s why we have compiled a list of great advice from experts in the field! One of the best SaaS marketing methods is hosting live webinars. It’s especially effective for marketing high ticket SaaS products. Webinars are effective, because it … Continued

5 Top Skills Every Marketing Manager Needs to Have

In this ever-changing world of Digital Marketing, we need marketing managers to be up to date and accurately informed about the latest technologies. If marketing managers on our teams lack the advanced skills and knowledge of the top tools to use, how can we possibly harness the power that digital marketing truly provides for us?  … Continued

2021 Content Marketing Tips [50+ Expert Ideas]

More than 5000 words, more than 50 marketers and content experts. That is what you’ll get in this article – a lot of inspiration, a lot of actionable tips you never knew you always needed, a lot of knowledge that is not accessible anywhere else Without further ado… happy reading! ____ Repurpose your best performing … Continued

Round-up post opportunities for Q1 2021

We’re running a couple of round-up posts in Q1. Below, you’ll find a few forms for our February batch. Don’t hesitate to get in touch! 🙂 Deadline: 21.02.2021 SHARP. All published in February. DR63: Remote work tips for 2021 DR52: What is the best growth hacking method? DR45: Tips for ecommerce owners DR71: How to … Continued