Common SaaS content marketing mistakes

A lot of companies have been making mistakes with their SaaS content marketing. They might not be getting the results they want, and it’s because they’re using old-school methods that don’t work in today’s world. In this blog post, we’ll share the common mistakes made by businesses and how to avoid them so you can get better results from your own SaaS content marketing campaign. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new company or an established one – these are lessons that will help anyone improve their success with SaaS content marketing!

Confusing newsjacking and simply reporting the news.

Jumping on trending topics or news topics is a good content marketing strategy – for that moment.

But if this is your only content marketing strategy, it’s one big mistake.

Why? Because you’ll be forever writing new content.

This tactic works fine for news outlets who generate 500-word articles and share to their social media followings of 10,000s. Click flood in naturally as the time-based element means readers want to know about that topic.

But, fast-forward three months and nobody is reading your articles any more.

The better options? Focus on evergreen content. Produce articles based on your ideal customer’s search behaviour. What problems of theirs can you solve? What is the one thing you do better than anyone else for them? What tools do they need help with?

These are all superior things to write about instead of reporting the news. Leave that to….the news!

Dominic Kent, Founder.

The biggest mistake you can make is focusing only on keywords with a high search volume. While the potential is huge, so is the competition. A lot of times, you’ll have more success with long-tail keywords with a smaller search volume.

Petra Odak, Better Proposals

The biggest content marketing mistake I see made in SaaS is chasing after high volume, low competition keywords rather than writing on topics that make sense for them and their audience. For example, for so many, the content marketing process begins with keyword research. The highest opportunity keywords get tackled first in the content calendar. These keywords are very specific, but often aren’t the kinds of questions qualified buyers would be asking. This makes for a blog full of random posts tackling very specific questions. Sure you may be getting traffic, but you’re not creating any customers. Instead, perform audience research, key in on your target buyer personas, and create a topical map that covers the most important and biggest questions your audience has at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Start there, and then go after high opportunity keywords once you have a solid base of helpful content – even if the content covers high competition or low volume keywords.

Brooks Manley, Lead Blog Editor

I believe that one of the worst content marketing mistakes is putting quality over quantity. It’s no secret, that every marketing team aims to gain as much links to their product as possible. I’d recommend not to chase quick low-quality links, but rather spend some time reaching out to high-profile resources that are relevant to your niche. To sum up, it’s better to get 2 links from authority websites than 10 links from “easy to get” websites.

Anastasia, Marketing manager, Chanty

A fatal SaaS content marketing mistake is creating generic content. The worst type of content is the one that’s way too broad and generic to reach a segmented audience.

Although it might seem like a good idea to craft content that reaches everyone, this strategy can backfire and make your content marketing growth stagnant. Instead, figure out who your audience really is with clear buyer personas and cater to that segmented market.

Doing thorough research and working on creating content that provides value for your readers can be extremely rewarding. Crafting specific content can do wonders for your content marketing strategy by killing two birds with one stone. It gives you a competitive edge and your audience will enjoy getting valuable content from you.

Ebnu Sudarso, Co-Founder of Milkwhale 

1. Do not write for the sake of writing

2. Do not screw up content distribution. it’s even more important than content development

3. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors is a huge turn off

4. Sounding too cheesy and desperate

5. Irrelevant content to the titles chosen

6. Content not optimised for the right keywords

7. Too much keywords stuffing in a desperate attempt to increase the size of the content

8. Readability is more important than optimisation

9. Follow 70-30 rule of co- branding when writing content on other domains

10. Repurposing of content – not done properly

11. Choosing the right type of content to the right platform

Rangarajan Nallappa, Marketing Lead, Vmaker

1. Gain inspiration from your competitors, but never just stick to the marketing paths as others. Remember, what works for one may not work for all!

Perform A/B testing for your marketing strategies and proceed through the ones that provide better results.

2. Never put content out there just for the sake of doing so.

Your content must provide valuable information or solutions to the reader. Only then will they be interested to know more about the services you offer.

3. Give proper attention when creating content.

Have a personalized touch when creating content. It must feel like the content is a result of your past experiences.

4. Don’t just focus on the experts.

Your content must be knowledgeable for both amateurs and professionals alike. Anyone without any prior knowledge about whatever you’re writing must also be able to understand and take away some information from your content.

Vineet Gupta, Digital Marketing Team Lead 

One of the most common yet hurtful content marketing mistakes many SaaS businesses make is not focusing on what their customers actually want. A well-planned SaaS content marketing strategy can engage audiences and convert them into paying customers. You can have the best content marketing strategy, but if you don’t have a clear idea of who the content is for, then you’re going to wind up wasting your time and effort.

Some SaaS businesses jump into the content marketing bandwagon just for the sake of it — without actually understanding why they need it in the first place. They just assume that having a blog and writing articles will be enough. And they don’t even spend extra time to understand their customers’ wants and needs.

Andre Oentoro, CEO of Breadnbeyond 

The typical SaaS content marketing mistake is creating content that people can’t understand from the get-go. Since SaaS companies produce software, technical languages are almost unavoidable in every product information. The thing is that most software users don’t understand the techy stuff (and they don’t need to) as they only need to use the product.

On many occasions, however, SaaS content marketing agency is full of big words that make it difficult for people to understand. People don’t like something they don’t understand. That’s why many would prefer others to your product. It’s time to change how you craft words in your content marketing strategy. The best campaign isn’t made with scientific words, but the one that people can learn easily.

Natasha Rei, Digital Marketing Manager at Explainerd 

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