Content Marketing Trends 2022: What Lies Ahead?

In content marketing, content is king. It’s a simple statement that can be interpreted in many ways. If you are a content marketer then this should come as no surprise to you; content has always been your lifeblood and the key to your success. The only difference is now there are more challenges ahead of us than ever before. We decided to identify a few content marketing trends for 2022. Keep reading to find out more!

What should you focus on in content marketing in 2022?

#1 The growth of voice search

Voice search is going to be a content marketers’ new best friend. Voice-activated technology will become increasingly popular in the coming years, with more and more people turning to their voice assistants for answers rather than typing into Google or Siri.

This means content marketing strategies must include content that can be accessed through these voice-activated devices so they are optimized for this type of use. So what does this mean? Well, it could very well change your SEO game completely!

One way you might want to think about optimizing content is making sure all content has been transcribed onto platforms like YouTube or Wix sites where users can find video transcripts easily by using their smart device’s text-to-speech function; you may also want to optimize images on the content by adding alt tags.

Just because the content is intended for a visual medium doesn’t mean it can’t be accessed through voice-activated devices; content marketers must remember to make all content available in text format as well!

This year, we’ll see the rise of more Voice Search Optimized content, and SEO experts as well as SaaS content marketing agencies will need to take this into consideration when optimizing their content marketing strategy.

#2 Personalization in content marketing

Content marketing in the future will be a content marketer’s worst nightmare. The internet of things will mean that content is not only personalized but also tailored to your needs!

With devices like Google Home, Echo, and Alexa we’ll see marketers struggle, even more, when it comes to creating content because there are thousands of queries being made every second with keywords never seen before by human beings; this changes everything for content marketers!

Rather than using broad-appeal content, you need to create granular and highly specific content so it can be used as an answer to keyword phrases or questions. It sounds complicated at first but if you think about how many ways people ask for different information on their smartphones then you understand what we’re talking about here.

This content marketing trend will be the biggest content challenge for content marketers in 2022 – along with delivering brilliant customer experience with platforms e.g. for online booking.

It’s already challenging enough to create content that appeals to everyone but now with personalized content, you need to start thinking about how content can help an individual person or address a specific question they might have; this is going to take some serious creativity!

#3 Facebook’s new algorithm and its impact on brands

Facebook’s new algorithm will be one content marketers are paying close attention to. With Facebook wanting content that is “timely, relevant and engaging” we’ll need to provide content that follows this mantra if it can’t live up to these expectations then it won’t rank very well on the platform!

When brands use tools like social media influencers or their own employees for content creation they need to make sure there is a strategy in place because without a plan you’re not going through all of your content with rigor. You must ask yourself: does your content meet the criteria above?

If not, don’t worry! There are still ways you can get better engagement from audiences by improving conversion rates; just remember when creating content that resonates with your audience is more important than the content that’s just popular.

#4 Revamped influencer marketing

With content marketing trends in 2022, we’ll see a lot more of influencer marketing. Brands will have to work closely with content creators who are already established in their niche and can reach an audience that is interested in the content you’re providing them.

Marketing your business through influencers is becoming the way forward as people want content from people they know rather than brands themselves; it’s also great for engagement rates because these individuals often share content on social media!

The downside to this trend? It takes time and money to find good content providers so make sure budgeting has room for this type of strategy or else it could be a waste if you don’t invest wisely when building relationships with influencers!

#5 What the future holds for email marketing, then

When content marketing trends 2022 come into play, we will see brands using their email list more and more to create content.

This is because it’s one of the few places where you can talk in an unrestricted way with your audience, so if there are any questions they want to be answered or content that would be helpful for them then this channel allows you to do just that!

Some things to keep in mind when creating content through emails: make sure it aligns well with other content on your site and remember not all content needs to be promotional as sometimes people enjoy hearing about behind the scenes happenings at a brand – these types of stories often resonate better than others!

It’s important to note though that relevancy should never be sacrificed as content marketing trends 2022 will force brands to create content that is “timely, relevant and engaging” which can be challenging.

#6 More storytelling techniques

Content marketing trends 2022 will have content marketers realizing the importance of storytelling.

We’ve seen a rise in content creators using video stories that are on platforms like Instagram so this trend is likely to continue as we move into content marketing trends 2022!

There’s no better way for brands to show what they’re all about than with well-produced videos; it’s also an excellent channel because you can tell your story over and over again without getting bored – something which happens with text content after maybe two or three retellings. The key here? Utilize video where possible and remember not everyone has access to a computer – make sure mobile content is just as important too! It could be one of the best ways to reach customers who don’t use content marketing trends 2022 at all!

#7 Data analysis tools coming into play

Content marketing trends 2022 will see content creators needing to use data analysis tools.

There are some great options out there like Google Analytics which can help you understand what content is performing well and isn’t so that you’ll know where your audience lives on your site as well as how they’re engaging with content online; this helps content marketers immensely!

The downside here? Using these types of tools takes a lot of time which means more work for the brand who may then not be able to create new content quickly enough – but it’s worth it in the end because if done correctly, web monitoring, good content marketing strategies and saas consulting lead to high conversion rates.

Content Marketing Trends 2022: is that all?

Most content marketers are looking at content strategies for the future – content marketing trends 2022-and wondering what changes lie ahead of us in order to compete with other businesses. When it comes down to it there’s no one size fits all; so we’ll need a wide variety of approaches if we want our content marketing efforts to work out!

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