Experts’ Hive #10: How Content Marketing Can Fuel Your Email Marketing

Content marketing is the motor that keeps email marketing going. Email marketing is, at its turn, your most valuable resource to make your business visible, to create long term relationships with clients, and to make some nice dough. Those two fuel each other in a remarkable way. How’s that? I’ll build on this statement in this article, just bear with me for a while and you’ll thank me later.

How’s that? I’ll build on this statement in this article, just bear with me for a while and you’ll thank me later.

I remember when I was little how fascinated I was by an uncle of mine who drew all the attention towards himself as soon as he opened his mouth. Regardless of the event, of the story, of the theme of the discussion, he always had something smart to say. His most precious asset: he was a fantastic observer of those around him. He used to sit quiet for a while, scanning for weakness signs in the others, and then he threw the bait. Did they take it? Uhmmm, how about… always?! 

So, here I am now, a full time adult who has had his share of fine speech from the worldly uncle. The good part is that I have learned from a very young age that words are the most powerful source of humanity. No overstatement here, amigo! Used wisely, spoken or written words can turn you into the baws you are dreaming of becoming!

With this in mind, any marketer should feel a bit closer to where he wants to get. The key is… *drums* content marketing at its finest. Hey, wait a minute, where are you rushing?! Before anything, a strategy is inherent. A strategy includes some dos and don’ts that will make a big difference. So, what would be the pain points in turning content into money? Well, first of all, 

Targeting a specific social media channel – A big No No

I mean really, what makes you think that your audience is only on Facebook? Or Instagram? Or whatever. Whoever uses social media usually browses through different channels, so if you think otherwise, a change of your mindset would do you good. Go ahead and integrate your content marketing tools asap so that you won’t miss any opportunity to make yourself seen. 

Writing random content – It even sounds weird

Before writing anything, you should do your research on what your potential clients look for. Keywords and MFAQs are the best allies when it comes to what people are looking up on the internet. Aaand we’re back to social media platforms. As I was saying, do not, I repeat, do not stick to just one, because you might lose some recipients and that would be a huge shame. 

Also, use the most handy tool of marketers that need to find out what are the keywords that users type when searching for a specific information. Yeah, you got that right, it’s Google. You’re a few clicks away from it. 

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you do not exist. Is that so?

Now, another big mistake is turning Facebook into the almighty God of social media. It might seem that way, but what if I told you that people are becoming more and more reluctant when it comes to sharing their data on Facebook? That being said, you might wanna broaden your horizons and head towards Reddit or Twitter, let’s say, where potential clients ask relevant questions that you can make use of. MFAQs, remember?! They ask, you answer; they ask, you provide; they ask, you sell; they pay, you win. Cha-ching!

As for the dos, here is what you should definitely tick on your to-do list:

Create a subscriber list

Email marketing is the most trustworthy marketing tool, simply because clients can opt to receive or not information from you. What they will choose is up to you. But this is another story that we’ll debate later. Make sure your content is worth the time of your clients and they will definitely hit the Subscribe button. Click!

Split your audience based on specific criteria

OK, so you’ve got yourself a subscriber list, now you should divide it into several categories based on fields of interest, maybe age, or sex. That way, you avoid spamming those who are not targeted by a certain type of content. Instead, you make sure they receive precisely what they look for. Now this is what I call awesome customer care and your clients will simply looove it!

You need to make sure that you have an ESP that’s able to help with this since not all of them have great functionality here. MailChimp, for example, is a great tool but it definitely won’t be the best for segmentation. One of the other hand, Klaviyo is an interesting and affordable option here. Pair it with a team of Klaviyo experts and you might have yourself a winner.

Keep a consistent tone

In order to stand out and be defined as a brand, you should use the same tone, not just in your email warming campaigns, but in the rest of your articles too. Making your visitors feel like the content is written by the same person is reassuring to them and a huge plus for you. Sweet, isn’t it?!

Stimulate your clients to share your content

Linking social media to your content will provide you with some new clients. When a person shares information on their social media account, their friends will consider your product or service reliable by default. That’s shooting two birds with one stone with SaaS content marketing.

Ask for feedback

Customers love to be asked for their feedback regarding products (for example, beautiful engagement rings), services, or even the type of content that they would like to receive. The fact that you care about their opinion means you respect and value your partnership.  Seeking to improve equals keeping your clients satisfied. Do not worry that they might not answer your survey, because I guarantee you they will take the time to tell you what’s working and especially what’s not working. The advantage is that knowing exactly what customers want to receive from you will make things a lot easier for you, short and long term.

Wrap Up

In a world where useless annoying content is sneaking around in people’s phones, tablets, and computers, be the one that uses content marketing wisely and create the most successful email marketing campaigns that will make everyone jealous. At Code Crew we have the answers to your MFAQs, because we have done our homework well. Just drop by, say hi, and let us know what you need. We’ll make it happen.

Amy Searll is a content creator at CodeCrew, a leading San Francisco email marketing agency specializing in gorgeous, paper-free communication for brands that are passionate about saving our planet. 

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