Experts’ Hive #12: Ok, But Why Search Engine Optimization Really Matters?

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These days, there are so many businesses that the competition between them is getting harsher every day. Companies try to implement as many marketing strategies as possible to survive the challenges of markets. One of the tools that are used by businesses is called search engine optimization. The hype around the term SEO is getting higher; yet, not everyone understands its importance and the main takeaways of it.

In this article, you will read the main points of why search engine optimization is essential. Also, why you should consider investing part of your business’ marketing budget in it.

All About Search Engine Visibility

The first and essential part of doing search engine optimization is getting visibility in search engines. In simpler words, you optimize your website the way so that Google and other search engines would see and be able to crawl it. Once the crawling machines crawl your website and figure out that your website is well optimized, your page will start getting exposed to the search results. 

Once you are already in search results, you will get organic traffic with the keywords that you have used in your webpage. 

Organic Search Results

You need to know what organic traffic means. Organic traffic is the number of people that visited your website without putting in extra ads. That means that you optimized your website, and you have used the keywords the way that the traffic is finding your website in the search results. The mass of people that saw your website organically is called organic traffic. And the process of being able to be ranked on google without advertised is called an organic search result. 

Paid Ads Are Not Working As Good

Yes, PPC (pay per click) campaigns are not working as well as organic search results (which is the result of search engine optimization.) For most businesses, this is already proved. For example, on an educational website, the traffic is divided into two parts, those that are paid and the organic ones. 17% of the traffic is coming from the paid ads, and 83% from organic search. 

If your website is optimized and you are always keeping your finger on the pulse, you will generate enough organic traffic to stop putting extra ads and campaigns.

Enables Inbound Marketing Opportunities

Depending on the type of business, SEO might let you enrich your company goals with inbound marketing solutions. How does that work? Well, suppose you are selling something on your website, and you want to generate more sales. The base should be the organic traffic that you have. Search engine optimization will help you to rank high on Google and get you the traffic you want.

 When you have the traffic, it is your responsibility to make sure that the funnels are created so that your traffic would end up to the call-to-action you want. As discussed, the call-to-action would be the “BUY” button in the case of an online shop.

Stealing Competitors’ Audience 

If you are not paying attention to search engine optimization, your competitors are probably stealing your portion of the traffic. It is always crucial to think that your website is not the only one in the search engines, and others are trying their best to rank the highest. Even if you are the absolute dominance of the market, you still should be optimizing your website. Others will penetrate the market all the time, and you would never know their mastermind strategies.

Since now you know that Search Engine Optimization is essential for any kind of business, you might as well have questions regarding it. Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below.

It Is Vital For Any Business?

One might say that the business that they are operating in is not among those that are required to have an optimized website. No list states that you have to have a website and make it optimized. However, a good entrepreneur would know that search engine optimization is vital for any kind of business. Whether it is a flower shop or a SaaS, you get to have an optimized website. 

If you still do not believe that search engine optimization is a vital part of any business, you should know that your competitors are doing much better one day. Later on, you will be researching the reasons to find why that is, and one possible explanation would be that they have a website, and they are working on optimizing it.

At Some Point Can We Stop Doing Search Engine Optimization?

This is a question that arises for those who do not know how search engine optimization works. However, it is natural to have such questions. The answer is simple – No! In no circumstances do you need to stop working on search engine optimization? Even if your website is getting a lot of traffic, and you are sure that the SEO did its job, there is no way of stopping the optimization. Even the largest and the most profitable companies never stop working on their website’s optimization. One of the reasons is that once you entirely stop optimizing your website, your website might lose some or all of its authority after one of Google’s updates.

To keep it short, always make sure you have an optimized website regardless of how successful it is. 

Do UI and UX Affect Search Engine Optimization?

It would be best if you always kept in mind that regardless of whether you have a very good optimized (in a technical sense) website, you might still not have the sales you are projecting based on the traffic you are getting. The essential factor here is to understand that even if you get the search engines’ traffic, you need to have a well-balanced website that would make the user’s flow smooth and logical. User interface (UI) is a crucial part of the whole funneling process of inbound marketing. It makes the user behave in the way that the business wants. How is that possible? -Well, with the right placements of the CTA (Call To Action) buttons and logical design solutions. User experience (UX) shares the same goal with SEO to help the user go through the mini-tasks created on the website.

These were the main points of why search engine optimization is crucial for your website, listing the most commonly asked questions. We hope you got an idea about the SEO and are now more determined on how you will proceed with your business strategy.

Remember, you are not limited to a single article or a source. Make sure to do your desk research to find out more about your interest topic. 

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