Here’s How to Manage Ads on Facebook (Even If You’ve Never Done It Before)

When it comes to managing ads on Facebook, it can seem like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. But don’t worry! With the right tools and guidance, you can easily take control of your campaigns and maximize their success.

Why should you manage Facebook ad campaign

Facebook Ads are a great way to reach new customers

With Facebook Ads, achieving your marketing goals doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. You can craft your Facebook ads campaign to target exactly who you want, where you want them and when you need them.

With the right strategy, it’s easy to customize your Facebook ad placements and budget so that you get maximum return on investment.

Plus, Facebook Ads offer up insights that make it easier to analyze customer behavior and track performance. Put simply, managing ads on Facebook is essential for any savvy business that wants results from its online marketing efforts!

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You can target people based on their interests and demographics

A successful Facebook advertising campaign is like a complex puzzle that requires careful consideration in each of its different pieces. By managing your ads on Facebook you can identify how to best target your potential customers, using their interests and demographics to ensure that your message is delivered to the right people.

With the right strategy in place, you will be able to capture the attention of even those who previously had no awareness of your brand.

It all starts with creating an effective ad management plan that includes researching your audience and understanding the different marketing objectives available on Facebook.

Once you have taken these steps, you’ll be on the right track to unlocking this powerful platform, making sure you get maximum results for minimal effort, reach Facebook users, and be only running Facebook ads that are efficient and effective.

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Ads can be customized to match your branding and tone of voice

Managing your ads on Facebook can be a powerful tool in drawing in more customers and growing your business.

An important detail to consider when creating your ads is tone of voice. Effective ads should have one that’s congruent with the brand itself – whether it’s professional, witty, funny, or storytelling – in order to draw the right audience and achieve the desired goal.

With customized ads crafted to match the branding and tone of voice, you can drive engagement and customer loyalty.

You can track the success of your ads and adjust them accordingly

Get into managing a Facebook ad campaign and shoot your business’s success into warp-drive! With the ability to track the effectiveness of your campaigns, you can observe which ads are gaining more traction, and make thoughtful decisions about when it’s time for a professional switcheroo.

This tool will also help you stay up-to-date with your industry trends and how users are engaging with content in real-time.

Why not get ahead of the curve and make sure that you’re connecting with customers through the right medium at the right time? So give managing ads on Facebook a whirl and get ready to blast off!

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Ads are a cost-effective way to market your business

In today’s world of digital marketing, managing ads on Facebook makes good business sense. This popular platform is easy to use and offers a cost-saving way for businesses to reach potential customers.

With features like A/B testing, scheduling, and customizable audience targeting, you’re in complete control of your messaging.

Plus, you can easily measure which campaigns work best, optimize results within a few clicks, and stay ahead of the competition. Managing ads on Facebook gives businesses the edge they need to stand out from the crowd — so don’t wait to take advantage of it!

Managing Facebook Ad Campaign: good practices

Choose your target audience

Advertising with Facebook helps brands increase their reach and appeal, allowing them to tap into a wide variety of audiences.

Yet in order for it to be most effective, it is important for companies to carefully choose the members of their target group. When specifying an audience for your ads, be sure to consider essential demographic details such as age and geography. After that, look at interests and activities.

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This allows you to laser-focus your ads so that they are seen by more people likely to respond favorably, building better customer relationships in the process.

With a strategic combination of creativity and data-driven decision making behind a solid understanding of the target group, brands can use Ads on Facebook make an impactful impression on those interested in what they have to offer.

Place ads in relevant groups and pages

Advertising on Facebook can be an effective way to reach new customers and grow your business, but there are good practices you should follow.

It’s important to target the right audience and placing ads in relevant groups and Facebook page can help ensure that your message reaches a highly targeted audience.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should simply post generic ads left and right — you’ll want to create content that speaks directly to the people who are interested in what you have to offer.

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Find a balance between stimulating conversation and well-timed self-promotion.

When done properly, creative story-telling through messaging and visuals is an art form – one that will effectively reach more potential customers on social media platforms like Facebook.

Use images and videos that capture attention

When it comes to managing ads on Facebook, using visuals that feature eye-catching images and dynamic videos is key. Image ad sets perform really well, but even a few image ads can bring you closer to your campaign objective.

By using the power of visual media, advertisers have the opportunity to captivate the attention of their target market in an instant. Collection ads with various image ad creative can be one of the best performing Facebook ad format for you. And with these ad types, you can bring your Facebook to great success and boost lead generation.

However, just because a picture looks nice doesn’t mean it will do its job: after all, its ultimate goal should be to grab users’ attention while telling an engaging story that relates to your brand’s voice.

Think carefully about how you can create visuals that follow a cohesive narrative – one with clever copy, creative use of space and dynamic color that expresses your unique character.

That’s how you’ll get the most out of your Facebook ads!

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Write compelling ad copy

Crafting effective ad copy for your Facebook Ads is essential to their success. One of the best strategies to take is to make sure the tone of voice resonates with your target audience. Generally speaking, it’s better to make a connection emotionally rather than strictly transactional.

Whether you choose a professional, witty, funny or storytelling approach, it should all be carefully considered to ensure that it addresses what your target group will respond positively too.

It also needs to clearly explain why someone should buy your product/service and why they should do so now!

Choose the right objective for your ad campaign

One of the best practices to being successful when managing an ad campaign on Facebook is to choose the right objective for your campaign.

By setting clear objectives, you can make sure that your campaigns are tailored specifically to meet the needs and wants of their respective audiences.

This means more effective use of Facebook ad budget, higher ROI, and better conversion rates.

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Plus, with the right objective determined in advance, it allows marketers to be creative with the messages they send out – whether it be professional or wittier, funny or even storytelling style – so that the audience finds something interesting enough to take action on.

Target your ads accurately to ensure they reach the right people

It’s no secret that ads are a great way to get the word out about your product or service.

But if you don’t narrow down who is seeing your adverts, it won’t do your business any favors. It’s essential to target your Facebook ads so that they reach the exact people who need to see them.

There is an array of targeting options available, from age and location to gender and interests.

Test and measure the results of your campaigns to optimize performance

Any successful Facebook Advertising campaign must begin with rigorous testing and measurement of results. It’s like putting on your search party detective hat when you’re optimizing your campaigns!

Once ads are live, measure your performance on a regular basis to track the performance levels related to each ad. Keep the ones which have worked the best, tweak those that haven’t performed as expected, and pull those that don’t seem to be making any impression at all.

Follow these simple steps to keep your campaigns in top shape and watch them take off!

Keep ads updated and relevant to users’ interests

Keeping up to date with good ad practices on Facebook is essential for successful marketing. To ensure your audience receives relevant content, it’s beneficial to always update ads in order to keep them current and responsive to users’ interests.

Monitoring analytics will help inform when changes need to be made, like switching out outdated images and text.

Adjust your tone of voice on social media

Adopt a friendly, engaging tone for your ads; tell stories, use humor, and share customer experiences that encourage people to stay tuned-in! Facebook ads manager gives you space for testing.

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Ensure you communicate the value of your business and its offerings; don’t just advertise – create an experience that adds value. Finally, don’t forget other critical components such as using visuals and catchy headlines that get clicks.

By keeping ads current and optimizing every element of an ad campaign, you can make sure it resonates with audience members who matter most.

Use negative targeting to exclude certain audiences from seeing your ads

With any Facebook ad, it’s important to know who your target audience is.

Once you have identified those individuals, and they are engaging with your content, you can use negative targeting to exclude other audiences from your ad campaigns and advertise on Facebook in a better way.

This allows you to focus your paid advertising budget on the people you have determined will be more likely to respond positively to your campaign and further drive conversions.

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By following this recommendation, you can create Facebook ads in a more efficient manner while also ensuring that they’ll perform better as they are targeted at users who are more likely to take the desired action.

Choose the right type of ad for your business

Choosing the right type of ad for your business on Facebook is essential for ensuring it garners maximum attention.

There are a myriad of options available and selecting one might feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider what results you are aiming to achieve when deciding which type of ad works best.

For example, if you want to showcase a portfolio of products or services, a carousel ad may be suitable; if you want people to visit your store location, go with a map ad; and if you’re trying to create brand awareness then video ads can be utilized.

The possibilities are endless so ensure that whatever creative route you take is tailored specifically for your objectives!

Create a catchy headline and eye-catching image

Whether you run a small business or just have some cool content to share, managing ads on Facebook is key to making the most of your time and effort. Having an engaging ad that stands out starts with creating a catchy headline and eye-catching image.

Go beyond stock images; think outside the box and let your brand’s personality shine through with compelling storytelling in your ad format.

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Ultimately, these two elements will ensure audience network see your ad first when scrolling through their news feed!

Monitor your results and make changes as needed

When it comes to managing ads on Facebook, optimization is key.

Keep tabs on your results and make small adjustments accordingly; even just a word here and there can have a big impact. It’s like stir-frying—a few gentle turns of the wrist can mean the difference between crispy perfection and damp disaster!

With some trial and error, you’ll be getting the most out of your ad spend—and your audience will hopefully be wowing at the deliciousness of your final product!

Keep ads fresh and interesting

You don’t want to show same ad set over and over again? This is a clear path to burning your Facebook ad budget on your Facebook business page.

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To avoid this, average Facebook marketers suggest varying ad scheduling, updating visuals regularly for Image ads, and playing with different headline styles, as well as with Facebook ad placement. Even if your social media strategy suggests one particular ad placement, try other types of paid ads in Business Manager to at least prove yourself wrong.

If you really want your paid ads to stand out, though, get creative with the copy.

Tell a story that resonates with potential customers in a professional but witty or even humorous way – this is sure to draw attention away from the hundreds of other posts competing for Facebook users’ attention!

Ad set testing is also essential to ensure the right tactics are being used in your campaigns so that you can see which strategies work best for reaching your Facebook lookalike audiences.

You can also try carousel ads (multiple image ads), slideshow ads, and get ad creative to a brand new level.

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Don’t bombard users with too many ads

Less is definitely more. Any user who has been inundated with multiple ads for the same product or service in a short amount of time can tell you just how annoying that experience is.

The key to successful advertising on Facebook is restraint.

Rather than bombarding your customers with incessant waves of automation and advertisement, consider taking a slow-and-steady approach.

Even when running multiple campaigns at once, choose ones that complement one another and present your product or service from different angles.

A little restraint goes a long way in delivering an engaging ad experience that users actually appreciate, instead of just tolerating with gritted teeth.

Experiment with new ad formats

With so many ad set formats available on Facebook today, it can be hard to know what type of content to create and where to begin.

Luckily, with proper experimentation and a few good practices in mind, you can make the most of your marketing dollars for the greatest return. Start by looking around at competitors and the general landscape of other ads running in your industry.

Study their creative forms, what elicits responses from users and ask yourself how you can replicate that success with your own platform.

What’s more, having fun with it never hurts – when it comes to content, tapping into some ‘wit’ or storytelling may prove more successful!

Verify accuracy when linking ads to other channels

When running a multi-channel campaign, it’s important to ensure the accuracy of your linkages. All too often, marketers will create ad set that lead people to the wrong Facebook page or contain broken links.

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This not only wastes ad spend but also frustrates users who had expected something else. To avoid these pitfalls, carefully check that all links are pointing to the right destination and working as they should.

Additionally, it helps to keep ads up-to-date with any changes made to the original Facebook page or product. This is the way to advertise on Facebook!

Spend time on navigating Facebook Ads Manager

As a marketer, it’s important to understand Facebook Ads Manager. Ads Manager reporting capabilities are invaluable for monitoring the efficacy of each Facebook campaign, so you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with all its features.

You can use this platform to get insights into who your target group is and how they interact with the ads, as well as track performance over time. Also, take note of any changes in the Ads manager platform to ensure you’re always up-to-date and taking advantage of all its features to advertise on Facebook.

Discover Facebook Video Ads

Create ads that are videos within collection ads! Video ads offer a level of engagement that is hard to achieve with other types of ads, such as static images or basic text.

With creative and well-crafted video content, brands can capture the attention and interest of a large audience in half the time it takes to create a graphic Facebook ad!

Whether you’re debuting a new product, launching an effective campaign, or telling stories through video, Facebook Video Ads provide an opportunity to engage with your target consumer in a more meaningful way than ever before.

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Double-check Facebook Ad Specs

For those who want to make sure their Facebook Ads are effective, it is critical to double-check the Ad Specs before proceeding. This can mean taking a few extra steps in order to ensure that your audience sees the ad correctly without any issues.

It’s like the old saying, “measure twice, cut once” – save yourself (and your campaign budget) some trouble by double-checking all aspects of the advert beforehand.

Whether this is verifying an image is within specs or making sure a video is square and cropped correctly – paying attention to these details now will help earn you more attention from viewers and save you from wasting time overhauling inaccurate content later on!

Decide on your ads budget beforehand

Daily budget or lifetime budget? When it comes to managing ads on Facebook, careful consideration of your budget is key. Before getting started, think through how much money you are willing to spend on ads and set a hard limit.

Lifetime budget gives you more control, but daily budget might be better in a few Facebook ad cases, e.g. when you want your Facebook ad copy to learn and self-optimize on your business page.

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This will help you stay organized throughout the entire process, while also ensuring that any overspending or unexpected charges don’t surprise you and you run ads that deliver.

Additionally, budget-friendly strategies like using A/B testing or targeting high-potential leads via catalog sales can help you achieve your desired outcome without blowing the bank.

All in all, setting a budget for your Facebook ads in Business Manager beforehand is one of the best practices for responsible ad management – and for keeping your Facebook ads cost intact.


When managing Facebook Ads, it’s essential to put the user first and pay attention to all the details.

This includes double-checking all links for accuracy, understanding Facebook Ads Manager (Meta Business Suite) and utilizing video content, verifying any ad specs before launching a Facebook ad in Business Manager, and setting a budget beforehand.

Facebook Advertising FAQ

What is Facebook Ads cost?

That answer, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as a single price tag – it’s going to depend on your budget and preferences! Facebook Ad Cost per click or cost per thousand impressions are two common ways to pay for ads.

Figuring out which approach is best for you will depend on your goals. If driving sales or leads are important, you might want to focus more on clicks than impressions. Facebook offers a lot of campaign objective options.

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The competitive playing field of advertising can also affect prices – it all depends on how much other businesses in the same industry are bidding to advertise against each other.

If you’re still unsure what type of Facebook ad and pricing will work best for you business, connecting with a certified Facebook ads specialist is always an option too!

What are Messenger Ads?

Have you ever heard of Messenger Ads? It’s the perfect combination of Facebook Ads Manager – powerful digital advertising platform and their popular chat service, Messenger.

With Messenger Ads, you can reach people wherever they are on the internet and provide a fun, interactive way to engage with them on a level above traditional Facebook Ads.

Perfect for those who want to increase engagement and boost traffic, Messenger Ads provide you with a powerful tool for expanding your reach.

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Don’t let the name fool you – these ads are just as powerful (if not more!) than traditional ones; but if you’re looking to include an extra personal touch that will make an even bigger impact, consider leveraging this powerful advertising tool.

What are best practices for creating ads?

Take into account your company’s tone of voice and identity. Crafting the right message in Facebook ads can help ensure you’re talking directly to your target group in a way that resonates with them. Add a meta pixel too – meta pixel can give you a lot of extra insights.

What kind of language to use for Facebook ads?

Consider using professional language if you’re targeting business professionals or consider making the ads funny or narrative-driven if you’re looking for more casual interactions. Create Facebook ads that resonate with your audience.

Should you create visueals for Facebook ads?

Additionally, creating eye-catching visuals is another key component of attracting clicks and views on the ad. Utilizing well-designed visuals as part of Facebook Ads strategy can be a great tool for grabbing even more attention and keeping users engaged longer.

How to build brand awareness with ads?

Facebook Advertising is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and reach new customers.

To get started, you must create an ad that conveys your message in a professional yet witty or fun way. Start by telling a story about your brand or product that resonates with your audience–this will help establish an emotional connection and draw readers in.

Have clear objectives and determine who you want to target with each individual ad. By using the basic principles of Facebook Advertising, combined with smart optimization techniques, you can maximize your reach and ensure those ads have a lasting impact.

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Should each brand advertise on Facebook?

Navigating the Facebook advertising machine can be complicated and stressful. Many businesses ask a common question, though: should they be advertising on Facebook? In many cases, the answer is “Yes!”.

When used properly, Facebook ads are an effective tool for engaging with current customers as well as for connecting with new ones. However, some companies may not find much use in investing in Facebook ads.

The key lies in understanding the group —who are the primary consumers, what kind of audience does the company want to reach, and how that compares to original goal of the Facebook page ad campaigns?

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It’s important for businesses to honestly evaluate their options when deciding whether or not to advertise on Facebook.

With that being said, why not give it a shot and see what happens? After all, no one knows what incredible results could come from cleverly crafted Facebook business campaigns!

What is detailed targeting on Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook can seem like a daunting task at first, which is why we created the FAQ page. Detailed targeting allows you to create an audience of individuals based on their different locations, interests, industries and behaviors.

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For example, did you know that you can target individuals who recently moved to your city? Or target those who’ve shown interest in a certain topic? The possibilities are endless – with detailed targeting, it’s easier than ever to reach exactly the right crowd for your business!

What is Facebook advertising platform?

Facebook advertising is a popular platform used by businesses of all sizes to promote their products and services. Whether it’s a small business trying to reach potential local customers or a Fortune 500 company vying for online sales, an effective Facebook advertisement can work wonders.

Companies can assign budgets based on their campaign objective while targeting specific audiences in order to tap into what makes customers want to purchase something – a well-crafted message that connects with its intended audience.

Fortunately, marketers have plenty of resources and options to advertise on Facebook at their disposal for everything from choosing the right ad type to deriving insights from post-campaign analytics in Meta Business Suite.

Do I need a new ad account on Facebook?

The answer is a resounding yes! Having more than one ad account can help keep all your Facebook ads campaigns organized, allowing you to target specific audiences and save time in the long run.

Plus with multiple ad account options, you’ll never have to worry about ads running out of budget or displaying incorrect targeting options. So don’t be shy; create that extra ad account in Meta Business Suite today!

When not to invest into running ads on Facebook?

Investing in Facebook ads can be a great opportunity to grow your business, but it’s not always the right move.

If you’re a small business that is just starting to engage with customers, it might make more sense to focus on other activities like creating content for your website or joining groups relevant for your niche on social media. Run Facebook ads with a clear Facebook page ad campaign objective if you’re into online advertising from day one.

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Building an organic presence often takes more time – and patience – than throwing money at it, but it ultimately makes for greater sustainability by providing additional value beyond what an advertisement could achieve.

What to post in Facebook ads?

You can promote your online store, a blog post, app installs, or a new product or service, but the key to effective Facebook advertising is creating an ad that resonates with your target market. A great way to do this is by including visuals and copy that speaks directly to them. You could share testimonials from customers, videos of products in use, or fun graphics and GIFs. Creating Facebook ads can be fun, especially if you put emphasis on Facebook ad copy and experiment with ad formats.

What are ad types?

There are quite a few types of Facebook ad campaigns you could be running. You can run Facebook ads for catalog sales store traffic, carousel ads for existing customers, multiple ad sets for lead generation, automated ads, image ad, or post ads for app installs. All available in Meta Business Suite.

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