Sales Email Tracking [Guide for Beginners + 9 Email Tracking Tools]

Who hasn’t ever sent a ton of emails, then have waited ages and… nothing happened? Please cast the first stone. Uh, no stones heave in sight… Perhaps such a situation filled your mind with many doubts and triggered several questions, driving you into a corner. 

Regrettably, it has happened to every salesperson, let alone non-professionals, ordinary people. Or—wait—no regrets! 

Everybody has a lesson to learn. Maybe if it hadn’t been for it, you wouldn’t have even gone to great lengths and encountered this text. 

Okay, we’re not letting you wait at least here! Let’s grasp some facts about email deliverability and so-called sales email tracking and see how sales email tracking really works, which tools are used for sales email tracking as well as what the best sales email tracker is. 

What Is Sales Email Tracking?

To put it the simplest way—sales email tracking depicts both:

  • the way how a prospect reacts to sales emails and
  • the process of interaction you — client.

The focal moment of sales email tracking is a second in which a message has been opened and viewed.

What can you find out based on sales email tracking?

  • number of email’s views
  • click-throughs
  • open rates
  • email bounces
  • inbox placement rates

What Are The Benefits of Sales Email Tracking?

Undoubtedly, there is a plethora of benefits from using sales email tracking. From engaging only relevant clients through better understanding and knowledge of the prospect to even increasing your profits! 

Sales email tracking: identifying a purchase intent 

Let’s get this clear: any data, even the most breath-taking, are neither handy nor relevant when a prospect remains a prospect. What counts at the end of the day in business, is profit. That is why in sales email tracking, it is crucial to optimise all parameters from the very beginning. This pertains not just to sales email tracking, but to sales tracking in general.

Not only will you prevent unwanted follow-up emails from the client’s perspective, but also—and above all—you will save yourself both the precious time and money, based on engagement email tracking statistics.

These are sales email tracking features that you need to know:

  • tracking when your clients open your email
  • tracking when your clients open your attachment or click into your links
  • tracking when your clients take any action

Yet, when a client is willing to take the initiative, you will be momentarily notified about that thanks to sales email tracking. Let’s practise some turn-taking for a minute: you’ve been reading a received proposal for some time. Supposing that you’re provisionally interested, either a call or email from a sales marketer at this pivotal moment could work miracles, couldn’t it? 

Sales email tracking: expertise in your client 

Bill Quiseng, a customer service expert, advises companies to work as hard to keep a customer as you do to acquire a new one. As a confirmation, he demonstrates: it costs a company 6 to 7 times more to retain a new client than to keep a current one. In the light of the above, our issue becomes even more important. Who would want to squander money frivolously?

There are many potential scenarios—you can observe what typical behaviours of your mail recipients look like. Did you know that one of the customers would rather you reached out to him in the mornings? Were you aware that another potential investor is much more willing to reply to an email than to pick up a phone? Did you know what subjects your prospect is the most likely to raise? There is no way to find out all this information without proper tools such as sales email tracking. 

Summing up: it is essential that you acknowledge your prospects and build their extensive profiles. As a psychotherapist needs to get closer to their patients, so you must know whom you are talking to!

Sales email tracking: increasing your profit

Imagine this situation: you’ve just set up the most amazeballs island across the entire world, much more beautiful than Bermuda and much more luxurious than Maldives. You’ve made an enormous effort, combining all precisely selected elements and blending them into one entity. However, the island’s location is out of anybody’s reach. Nobody can get there; there are no commute options whatsoever. In exchange, you not only would like to, but also must receive all funds you had invested in the enterprise back.

While the example above is an obviously not-so-probable-scenario, such situations happen commonly. in which precious items—startups, companies, products, you name it—are launched, but not enough exposed to the external world. To put it bluntly: many enterprises fail on this account.

Not only will sales email tracking significantly reduce any risk of failure, but also sales email tracking statistics can provide you with further reach and get you high profits.

Curious how sales email tracking software has helped particular companies? Read about it below!

How does Sales Email Tracking work?

Even though you don’t have the faintest idea how to use sales email tracking software, we are here to walk you through this process in 3 unbelievably easy steps:

Recognise your needs and set the rules

It goes without saying that you need to take care of the whole procedure of establishing sales email tracking software. Exactly as you do it when it comes to other tools used by your business. It is crucial that the rules are transparent, coherent and in accordance with the company’s internal policies. 

Yet, a dynamic approach is advised since no clients are alike—you should take individual preferences and differences into account. While one sales email tracking strategy might work out in the case of some clients, another one can be more handy when dealing with other challenges.

Gauge the right moment for follow-ups and act

Once you’ve established all necessary rules, it is about time that you get down to the business (literally). Keep in mind that, as a rule, the quicker your follow-up is, the more probable chances of your success become. On account of data-driven sales email tracking, which is at your disposal, everything can be done automatically. You will be notified via SMS as soons as the client has opened the proposal. Moreover, after logging in to the administration panel, you will immediately be able to see recurring reports and decide, for instance, which customer carries potential and who you don’t want to waste your time on. Hence, you save time, work less and sell effectively.

Which Is The Best Sales Email Tracking?


Sellizer provides comprehensive sales support as one of the most pre-eminent sales email tracking software on the market. The substantive property of Sellizer is letting  a customer know once your proposal has been opened via various communication channels, such as SMS or email. This sales monitoring system also ensures that all essential statistics—the ones you have never had an access to—are delivered to its users.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSport Sales Hub is an easy-to-use CRM software. Blending customer data, tools, and teams into one entity, the provider equipes its users with the comprehensive system.


SalesLoft primarily takes care of acceleration and customer engagement processes. Offering a wide range of diverse products, such as: Cadence + Automation, Dialer + Messenger, Conversations, Deals, Analytics + Reporting, SalesLoft lets its users close many deals.


OutReach, since it’s been launched, simplifies completing sales in a faster manner in the remote sales world. Paying tremendous attention to security, reliability, and governance, this sales engagement platform accounts for many robust actions (e.g. employing a SIEM solution, which can be extended with an MDR service provider).


Groove provides both teams and individuals with all necessary and useful tools in order to boost their sales. Pivotal functions of the software account for: collaboration with a Shared Inbox, saving time with a Knowledge Base, moving faster with Automations, and making smart decisions with Reports.

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM finds the best sale leads and use built-in email and phone. It also enables its users to have significant conversations, become better with email and obtain particular sales pipelines.

XANT Playbooks 

XANT Playbooks’ platform provides an intriguing insight into sales email tracking. Namely, one is in charge of prioritising, visualising, and automatising sales activities of various kinds. It yields reaching buyers faster. 


Not only does Salesforce provide its subscribers with diverse CRM categories and systems, but also this tool focuses on Data Cloud, Community Cloud, or Service Cloud. Salesforce reaches 150,000 users.


Just like the name suggests, SendPulse marketing automation platfrom allows you to keep your finger on your email campaign’s pulse. Send email campaigns, analyze your subscribers’ open and clik rates, run A/B tests and make changes.  The platfrom even has an email verifier service that checks for invalid or misspelled email adresses. This, in turn, can drastically improve email deliverability. 


The main target of Pipedrive are smaller teams. However, it’s an easy-to-use and intuitive software, providing its users with the following functions: Contact Management, Order Management, or Activity Management—to name a few.

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